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Apple OS X Mountain Lion is fast!!

Last week, Apple finalised their next Operating System (OS), the Mountain Lion, which will drive the entire range of Apple computers.  After months of testing and tweaking, it has achieved the status of Gold Master (GM).  Traditionally, Gold Master CD was used to make duplicates and those ‘copies’ were sold...

Java-based backdoor malware targeting Windows, Mac and Linux

The latest backdoor malware does not discriminate. Cunning emails and enticing links on websites will lure users into visiting compromised websites loaded with java-based malware. Upon visiting such a website, a java applet (small program) runs on a visitor’s computer to determine which operating system (OS) their computer is using....

Don’t over share on Facebook – Protect your identity

The possibility of identity theft concerns us all. Caught up in the moment, sometimes we forget that the whole world is watching what we say on Facebook. According to the Federal Trade Commission in the USA, over 9 million people fell victim to various Internet scams. In 2010, an average...

Security tips for WordPress

Used for business and pleasure, WordPress is a popular platform for websites. It is estimated that 9% of all websites in the world are now powered by WordPress. Ease of use means that anyone can manage their own site, but it also means that most sites operate on default settings....

Mac OS X LuckyCat trojan spreading through Microsoft Word

Last week, Apple released the ‘Flashback trojan remover’ to combat the outbreak. As if watching a tennis match, ‘Dr Evil’ returned with yet another weapon. This time, the trojan (‘LuckyCat’) spread through Microsoft Word documents. For the past two days, the Kaspersky Lab Expert, Mr Costin Raiu, had a dummy...