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Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium gives you the familiarity of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. Most of us depend on our calendar and email to run our businesses. The Business Premium is a monthly subscription service from Microsoft. You get the Microsoft Office suite of software together with Microsoft cloud services.

The most popular cloud service from Microsoft is Exchange Online. You will enjoy all the benefits of business class email without the cost of ownership and the hassle of maintaining your own server.

There is a catch! Office 365 is a self service solution from Microsoft. You have to transfer your Outlook data yourself. That’s where we come in. As a Microsoft Partner, we can assist you to migrate your data online.

Office 365 cloud migration service
Office 365 hybrid cloud solution

Hybrid cloud solution

Your existing emails and appointments are stored locally, either on your computer or on your server. We skilfully migrate your data to the Microsoft Exchange Online server. Then we assist you to configure your Outlook so that it works seamlessly with the online server.

Maintaining a server on premises can be a real headache for small businesses. With the ever increasing threat of cyber attack, local servers require constant monitoring and maintenance. Microsoft Online services enable hybrid cloud implementation for businesses wishing to maintain locally installed desktop applications while benefitting from the cloud technology.

Which cloud is right for you?

We’ve made it easy for you to compare our cloud solutions. The table below list features and benefits you will enjoy when you switch to either Mobile Desktop or Office 365 Business Premium. It also illustrates how a traditional server on premises compares with our cloud solutions.

Mobile Desktop Office 365 On Premises
Can I free myself from headaches associated with owning and maintaining my own servers in the office? Yes Yes No
Can I have a financially backed assurance of cloud server reliability with a Service Level Agreement of 99.9%? Yes Yes No
Can I configure my mail programs to work with Microsoft Exchange in the cloud on all of my devices (PC, Mac, Android and Apple devices)? Yes Yes No
Are all my files backed up and copied to another physical location to ensure there is no single point of failure that can disrupt my business? Yes Yes No
Are all my files and documents actively protected against cyber attacks by a team of network specialists? Yes Partially No
Can I work with all of my files and documents from anywhere on any of my devices (PC, Mac, Android and Apple devices)? Yes No No
Can I recover from a computer failure or theft in just minutes by logging on to my virtual desktop from another device? Yes No No
Can I resume my business with relative ease after an unexpected disaster destroys all of my computers, servers and backup in the office? Yes No No
Can I speak with well-trained and friendly Australian technical support staff if I need assistance? Yes No Maybe

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