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The most complete IT solution for small business

Mobile Desktop is perfect whether you are a business of one or one thousand!


Work Anywhere

The Mobile Desktop allows you to access all your data and run all your office applications from anywhere, anytime and on most devices. You can work on your office laptop in the morning, and continue to work on the same file on your phone in the afternoon from anywhere. The Mobile Desktop changes the way we work and the way we do business.

You may rely on tools like a time billing system, inventory software or a customer relations management application specific to your business. Our team of engineers can customise your Mobile Desktop solution by migrating your entire business technology to the cloud.

You will be able to work on any application and access any data you need to run your business. Seamlessly, all from one place.

work anywhere
data security

Data Security

Security of your data is our primary objective.  This is why we only trust the top-tier, high security data centres located in Melbourne. Your data is guarded against physical intrusion by security personnel around the clock.

Multi-level intrusion prevention and threat management infrastructure actively managed and monitored by a network operation team protects your data against cyber attacks. As an added piece of mind, your data remains within the borders of Australia and therefore protected by the Australian legislation.

In addition, your data is backed up daily and transferred securely to another data centre for an added layer of protection. Every aspect of our infrastructure is designed so that there is no single point of failure, ensuring the business continuity of your organisation.

We have provided cloud solutions to Australian businesses since 2006.  We are proud to boast that our cloud servers remained secure and client data has never been compromised.

Business Continuity

You will continue to benefit from the Mobile Desktop when you’re working from your office. Since all your data is stored on secure cloud servers, if your computer is stolen or damaged, just choose another device, login and continue to work without missing a beat.

Without the Mobile Desktop, recovery from such a disruption takes hours, if not longer. By the time you setup the computer and restore your data from a backup, you’ve lost hours of precious time that you could have spent looking after your clients.

The Mobile Desktop is also an insurance policy against unexpected disasters. If something happens to your office building, you can continue to work from anywhere on another device.

business continuity
australian support

Australian Support

Support is like a friendship.  We may not truly appreciate our friends until we need to count on them. When they come through for us, that’s when a strong friendship is forged. That is our aim and philosophy.  We know you are not calling because you are feeling lonely! You need assistance and we will do our very best to provide the level of support our friends need and deserve.

As proud as we are of Melbourne based support team, you may never get to speak with them. The Mobile Desktop is very reliable and intuitive to use. As a result, we receive very few support requests.

As peace of mind, should you ever need our assistance, we are here for you.

See why our clients love us

“As the owner of a security company, protection of our proprietary documents and client information is important to us and to our clients.  From the first consultation, Cybersphere wanted to understand our business requirements and what was important to us.  It was a refreshing change compared with other providers.  Cybersphere clearly outlined available options and guided us so that their cloud services married up with our business requirements.  Over the past 4 years, Cybersphere has proven itself to deliver a reliable and secure service.  I regularly recommend Cybersphere to other business owners.

Matt Taylor

Director, Taylorm Operations

“I am writing to endorse Cybersphere. We have been working together since 2007.

During our most recent web project, I was provided with first class service every step of the way. What I appreciated most about working with Cybersphere was advice that was both strategic and  practical. I am very impressed with the end result. Their cloud solutions would be a valuable asset for any business.”

Paul Bourke

Principal Director, Leadership Development Australia

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